Active Seal Mid Arm
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Active Seal Mid Arm


7" - 10"

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Sku: 76842
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4.20 oz

Protect casts, wraps, and injuries from moisture and dirt while swimming, showering, and other day to day activities with an Active Seal Mid Arm. Constructed of a durable, latex-free material that is easily stretched over injuries, the Active Seal Mid Arm slides comfortable to the mid arm with two openings that seal tightly to protect and prevent water from entering. Reusable as many times as necessary, the Active Mid Seal Arm is the perfect accessory for those suffering from arm injuries from any extent of time.

  • Protects casts, bandages, PICC lines and surgical sites.
  • Slides easily over injured areas providing an air tight seal to protect and prevent moisture and contamination.
  • Constructed of a durable, latex-free material that is highly strechable.
  • Reusable and fold compactly for storage or travel.

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