The Cast Handle
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The Cast Handle
Reg. $17.95


Sku: 98632
 (1 Review)

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2.20 oz

The Cast Handle makes the stresses of life in a cast a little less tedious. Simply tie the Cast Handle around your respective brace or cast with the hook and loop fasteners then use the attached nylon handle to maneuver your leg with one hand while balancing with the other. The Cast Grip helps patients regain their independence and movement quicker and in turn lessen the responsibilities of the caregiver; a win-win situation.

  • Increases mobility, independence and eases caregiver strain.
  • Requires only one hand to operate, leaving the other hand free to steady oneself.
  • Helps patients quickly re-gain their independence, get up, get moving, and speed up their recovery.
  • Strong but soft nylon handles attach via hook and loop fasteners to a long leg brace or cast.

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The Cast Handle is great for paraplegics too!

ex gooserider (North Billerica, MA)
Reviewed on May 19, 2012
I am a paraplegic, and when I was injured, I also broke a leg. During my stay in rehab, I was given one of the Cast Handles to help me move my splinted leg around. I found it so handy that I asked for a second one to use on my other leg, and have worn a pair of these handles on my legs every day for the year and a half since I was hurt... I have recommended them to other paras as well... While most of the time I take care of my own moving, when I'm assisted by others, they also have found the straps helpful, and much more secure than just grabbing my legs. They also work better than trying to grab the fabric of my clothing. (and put less strain on it as well) Two minor things I wish the handles had that make little difference for them in handling casts, but would make them better for me... 1. Make them with "left" and "right" versions with the buckles on opposite sides. I find the handle easy to fasten, and the strap falls in the right place automatically on my left leg, but on my right leg the buckle ends up under my leg - so I have to put the strap on and then twist it around to get the strap where I need it to give me the best ability to lift my legs. 2. The black holding straps blend in fairly well with most of what I wear, and at least don't "fight" with clothes that contrast (black goes with everything....) However the same can't be said of the electric blue handle straps. I would be much happier with the way the straps look if they were ALL black. That said, I find them to be helpful enough in dealing with my non-working legs, that I don't worry all that much about the color.... By ex Gooserider