Safer Automatic Wheelchair Locks
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Safer Automatic Wheelchair Locks

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Safer Automatic Wheelchair Locks



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ATTENTION: Wheelchair NOT included.
Some assembly required

Sku: 99903
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The Safer Automatic Wheelchair Wheel Lock automatically locks the wheelchair's wheels when a person's weight is lifted from the seat of the wheelchair. When weight is lifted from the seat, e.g. when a person stands up, the locks "automatically" engage, locking the wheels until the weight is applied again to the seat. When the chair is occupied, i.e. when weight is on the seat, the locks automatically disengage and the user may roll about as he/she wishes. It's that simple. Yet this device is highly effective in preventing falls and injury. Overrides mounted on the handles of the wheelchair can disengage the locks to allow attendants to easily move an empty chair. The Automatic Wheelchair Wheel Locks also do not interfere with folding the wheelchair for storing or transporting.

Kit For Drive

Compatible Drive Wheelchairs

Back Height Seat Size
Sentra 16" - 19" 16" - 18"
Sentra EC 16" - 19" 16" - 18"

Kit For Medline

Compatible Medline Wheelchairs

Back Height Seat Size
Excel Narrow 16" - 19" 16"
Excel 2000 16" - 19" 16" - 18"
Excel K3 Light Weight 16" - 19" 16" - 18"
Excel Wide (300lbs Cap) 16"- 19" 20"

Kit For Invacare

Compatible Invacare Wheelchairs

Back Height Seat Size
Tracer EX2 16" 16", 18", 20"
Tracer SX5 16" 16", 18", 20" ,22"
Tracer SX 16" 16", 18", 20", 22"
Tracer EX 16" 16", 18", 20"
9000SL ADJ 16", 18", 20"
9000XT (Dual Axle) ADJ 16", 18", 20", 22"
9000XT (Super Low Single Axle ADJ 16", 18"
9000XDT ADJ 16", 18", 20", 22"

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Customer Questions

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Does the weight of a cushion have any effect on the functionality of the automatic locking brakes? In the past we have had problems with the weight of the cushions in the wheelchair preventing the automatic brakes from locking?

No, the weight of a cushion would not have an effect on the functionality of the automatic locking brakes.

Do you need to purchase (2) of the brakes, for it to work properly?

You only need to purchase one of the Automatic Wheelchair Lock Kits for it to work properly.

Does this allow pt to wheel backwards as well as forward>

The patient can wheel forwards and backwards while seated. Once the patient stands, the locks engage and the chair will not roll. The caregiver can squeeze the release on the handles to move the chair when unoccupied.

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