Writing Claw
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Writing Claw

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Writing Claw


$11.49/4 pack
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Sku: 67274
 (5 Reviews)


The Writing Claw's tripod grip ensures true finger positioning. As many occupational therapists, parents and teachers have discovered, the Writing Claw is a miracle grip that works like magic to promote proper grip, good handwriting and increased fine motor function.

The Writing Claw is for all children, including those with Autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities and general fine motor delay can all benefit from using the Claw. When using the Writing Claw, students can focus on good handwriting rather than the mechanics of holding the pencil. The result is an efficient pencil grasp and improved handwriting! The Writing Claw is used in school settings and pediatric clinic settings across the nation.

The Writing Claw is essential for adults with hand injuries, arthritis and neurological disorders. The Writing Claw eliminates the usual joint stressors and muscle demands normally associated with holding and writing with a pen or pencil, thus joint pressure and muscle fatigue is greatly reduced. Adults with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, post-stroke, De Quervain's disease (thumb tendonitis) and other hand injuries/pathologies benefit greatly from using the Writing Claw.

Since the Writing Claw can stretch and slip over a variety of implements, it is also be used to help hold eating utensils, thus increasing function and independence in the geriatric population or any individual with decreased fine motor control. The Writing Claw is used in outpatient clinics, hospitals and nursing homes and is successful in promoting independence and increased function.

  • Allows anyone with poor fine motor skills to write.
  • Will fit pens, pencils, crayons, and markers.
  • Fits left or right hand.
  • Latex free and non toxic.
  • Colors may vary.

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Matt H (Mount Vernon, WA)
Reviewed on May 20, 2012
My four year old daughter struggled with gripping a writing utensil properly. She naturally wanted to hold pencils, crayons, and markers in her fist. Being an adult who still does not hold their pencil correctly, I thought I'd try to get her started properly. Having tried a variety of other products on the market myself in attempts fix my own problem (all unsuccessfully), I was excited to try the writing claw upon finding it online. My daughter was reluctant to use it at first, but after a couple trial runs she did not want to write without it! After a month she was in the habit and now holds her writing utensils properly all on her own.


Writing Claw

Aaron S (Bensenville, IL)
Reviewed on Apr 20, 2012
I am a huge fan of the CLAW. I have two higher functioning autistic kindergarteners that have really taken to the grip. In fact, they put it on without any help, and it has dramatically improved their pencil grasp from the first use.


Writing Claw

Rene (Suffolk, VA)
Reviewed on Mar 28, 2012
I just wanted to let you know how we like the Claw. I have used it with my 4 yr old. He was having trouble with pencil grip which is what prompted me to look for help. The Claw did the trick. After just 10 days of use, Nolan is holding a pencil or crayon more appropriately….with or without the Claw. It has really made a big difference in his desire to write his letters. It has been fantastic, thank you!

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