Wine Out Stain Remover
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Wine Out Stain Remover


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Yes even the founder of the Gonzo Corporation has experienced the embarrassment of spilling red wine on a friend's carpet. That's why we created Gonzo Wine Out Stain Remover. Simply apply Gonzo Wine Out to the stained area (carpets, clothing, upholstery and table linens) as the directions indicate, and watch red wine stains disappear like magic. As are all of our products, Gonzo Wine Out is safe for you, your fabrics and your pets.

  • Safe for you, your pets and your fabrics.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Gonzo Wine Out is odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Made in the USA.


For carpets:
Apply Wine Out directly to stained area. Allow product to penetrate fiber. Place absorbent white towel over treated stain and apply pressure. Wipe treated area with a clean, damp cloth to remove any residue. For challenging stains, repeat application. Do not over-saturate the carpet.

For table linen:
Apply Gonzo Wine Out to the stained area and allow to set for 5 minutes then launder.
If stains are visible after laundering, repeat the procedure before drying.

For Clothing:
Place a dry absorbent white cloth under fabric. Moisten a soft, white cloth with Wine Out and blot stain until it is gone. Launder. If stains are still visible after laundering, repeat procedure before drying.

Other uses:
Gonzo Wine Out is safe on most surfaces and removes many every day stains.

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Wine Out does the trick

Fr Rich (Coventry, RI)
Reviewed on Aug 1, 2014
The members of my altar guild swear by this stuff!


Happy it worked

Sammy (Austin, TX)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Sep 18, 2013
This is good stuff, I will be keeping a bottle in my kitchen for accidents. They should make a product that keeps your teeth white when you drink wine. After a few glasses my wife looks like she went a few rounds with Tyson. But for clothes, this stuff is fantastic.


Saved my dress

Denisa (Haverhill, MA)
Reviewed on Sep 18, 2013
Although I did not buy this from you, I am writing a review because this is one of my all time favorite products. Me and my husband are both big wine drinkers and I can't tell you how many times we have had a spill, especially with 3 dogs running around the house wagging their tails knocking things off coffee tables. I am going to share some information so that it may help anyone in the future. If you get a wine spill, you do need to act quick before the wine dries into the fabric. Grab some table salt and cover the stain in salt, rub the salt in and then poor some of the Wine Out solution onto the stain, continue to rub the solution into the fabric then using a paper towel dry up as much of the solution as possible. If your fabric is washing machine safe, go ahead and give it a wash. You will be blown away by the results. About 3 weeks ago I spilled a full glass of red wine on a white sherpa comforter. I did the technique described and you can't even tell there was ever an accident.

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