Ultra Thin Tyvek Sensor Pad
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Ultra Thin Tyvek Sensor Pad

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Ultra Thin Tyvek Sensor Pad
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Sku: 32991
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0.32 oz
32.56"L X 6.00"W X 0.60"H

Tyvek Ultra-Thin Sensor Unlike the traditional sensor pad for fall alarms, the proximity sensor opens up new capabilities that have evaded past technologies. Traditional sensor pads are dependent on a patient's weight compressing it to make a contact and triggering an alarm when the pressure is removed. The problem is that (minimum) weight/pressure is required (around 100lbs) and that they only trigger when the weight/pressure is removed, and that is when the patient is already up. Also they are relatively fragile and don't tolerate severe abuse, folding or creasing.

The proximity sensor is different. Unlike the traditional sensor pad, it doesn't require weight, just closeness, and works on the body's electromagnetic field rather than weight/pressure. The lightest touch will activate it.

So it is ideal for people of any weight. This means it can be placed under the shoulders of a patient in bed or over the back of a wheelchair seat and then effectively becomes an early warning alarm because it will trigger before the patient arises.

And because it doesn't require internal electrical contacts it is more robust. In fact, it readily withstands folding, crushing and can even be cut to size. So it is the one sensor you can stock that can be trimmed for bed, chair or toilet simply using standard scissors.

It even works on air mattresses and air overlays making it ideal for patients with pressure ulcers.
Any existing alarm can be converted to a proximity sensor system. Simply add a Proximity Sensor, a Universal Connector and a Cable to fit.

  • Provides earlier fall warning than traditional pressure pads.
  • Works with all patients, including the lightest.
  • Compatiable with all mattresses, even air mattresses.
  • Works with beds or chairs.
  • Cut it, fold it, bend it, it's almost indestructible.

Recommended Accessories

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Replacement Part
$24.30/ each

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