The Doff N' Donner
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The Doff N
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Sku: 28550
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The Doff N' Donner is a "Toroid", or in laymen's terms an infinitely shaped tubular water balloon. It is used to doff and don compression garments of all shapes, styles and compressions.

What makes the Doff N' Donner different from other devices is that it is a Doffer as well as a Donner. It is unique in that it is an assistive device that conforms to the garment rather than the garment being stretched to it. This greatly increases the life of the garment.

The Doff N' Donner was invented by a caregiver for other caregivers with a "push" mentality rather than the "pull" donning strategy employed by patients. It was then developed to make it easier for patients to use themselves.

Because the Doff N' Donner "conveys" or places the garment, it rolls right over bandages, freshly lotioned or wet limbs and even scar management pads. Patent Pending

  • Perfect for any compression level.
  • Can be used on any size foot, ankle or legs.
  • Tubular aid filled with soap and water.
  • Best if used with the Donning Pole or Donning Cone.

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Well worth the money and the challenge

Thomas (Heflin, AL)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Jul 1, 2015
My wife has to wear 30-40 Mg stockings during the day (leg wrapped at night). We have tore more holes in stockings than I care to talk about. This item is the ticket if you will accept the challenge to learn to use it. It takes a few tries but just pay attention to the videos and try it a few times. It really works and takes just a fraction of the time to doff and especially to don. I would recommend the Pole or the Cone if you are going to try it by yourself. However, if you have someone to help you by using their arm, the Pole or Cone is not needed. Great item.