Tear Aid Type B
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Tear Aid Type B

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Tear Aid Type B


3" X 30'

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Sku: 30967
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1 lb

Whether you are floating down the river on a tubing expedition and puncture your raft, accidentally pop your favorite beach ball, or suffer from a tear in your above ground pool; Tear Aid Type B is the perfect solution for your entire tear, rip, and puncture issues.Featuring an innovative elastic roll that can be cut to size, Tear Aid Type B is airtight, watertight, with instant adhesion by simply peeling and sticking. Tear Aid Type B conforms to all vinyl forms which will not turn gummy or lose structure in high heat environments and can even be applied underwater!

Tear Aid Type B has crystal clear coloring which will match any color scheme or item theme and it does not discolor or yellow over time without running or losing its adhesion over time. Tear Aid Type B is simply the most cost effective, easy way to repair any vinyl materials without time consuming effort or replacement of personal items. Backed by years of proven credentials, Tear Aid Type B is used in a multitude of industries and has even become a go-to product for the U.S. Military.

  • 30 Foot long roll of super adhesive, clear Tear Aid Type B.
  • Repairs all vinyl materials.
  • Great for inflatable toys, rafts, pool liners, and much more!
  • Type B can even be applied under water.
  • UV and high heat resistant.
  • Conforms to vinyl materials perfectly and never discolors or yellows.
  • To use: Simply cut to size, peel, and stick.
  • High bond strength with agressive adhesive capability.

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