Super 31 Earplugs - 40 pairs
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Super 31 Earplugs
Reg. $19.99



Sku: 22842
 (3 Reviews)

Shipping Weight: 
2.40 oz
2.50"W X 5.00"H

Super 31 Earplugs are soft foam earplugs that help keep loud noises from damaging your hearing. Super 31 Earplugs are tapered for a comfortable fit that doesn't compromise the maximum protection of the earplugs. When used as directed, Super 31 Earplugs sport a noise reduction rating of a mere 32 decibels which is just a hair above a whisper at the library. Super 31 Earplugs are perfect for loud concerts, motor sports, using power tools are simply to block out the noise when you want to get some sleep.

  • 40 pairs.
  • Shaped for comfort.
  • Noise Reduction Rating of 32 dBs.
  • Great for concerts, motor sports, power tools and sleep.

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Great for hunting

Tom (Haverhill, MA)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Sep 14, 2013
I do lots of duck hunting and I wouldn't dare shoot my 12 gauge without some type of hearing protection. A few times I did not use ear protection and my ear filled with fluid, the doctor said I did damage to my ear drum. So I won't shoot without them now. You get 40 pair which is nice because I tend to throw them out after each shooting session. Overall a great product and very affordable.


Awkward fit

Nate Williams (Seattle, WA)
Reviewed on Sep 13, 2011
Much like the head phones they give you with an ipod, these ear plugs never seem to stay in my ear. When they do stay in they fit awkwardly and always feel like they are about to fall out. Stay way from these ear plugs, there is nothing "super" about them. wrote: "It sounds like you have not inserted the plugs correctly. If you look in the mirror and you can see most of the plug you did not insert it correctly. Rather than just shoving them into your ears as-is, the key is to roll each plug into a tight little cylinder, and then pull up on your ear to slide the thin tube into your ear canal. Don't worry if it seems too small, as a proper plug will expand to fill the contours of your ear. The key tip is that if someone can see most of the plug in your outer ear, you probably don't have the plug in tight enough. If you continue to experience problems with this product please contact our customer service department for a refund."


Great for musicians!

Trey Moore (San Francisco, CA)
Reviewed on Sep 12, 2011
As a drummer in a rock band (Ultra Thunder Skull Demon) I need to protect my hearing. I bought a pack of these ear plugs and they do the trick. I'm sure I've helped preserve my hearing 100X longer than if I had not used these ear plugs.