Sensatec ST610 Controller
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Sensatec ST610 Controller
Reg. $89.95


Requires batteries (1 9V Not Included)

Sku: 32145
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4.50"L X 2.75"W X 1.37"D

The ST610 Controller is connected to a sensor pad and attached to a patient's bed or chair. If a patient attempts to get up, the control unit sounds an alert. An alert is announced in the form of a buzzer. Staff can also be alerted via your facilities nurse call system.

If you press the hold button, the orange hold status indicator light flashes and one of the following will occur after 30 seconds:
If weight is removed from the sensor pad, then the system turns OFF.
If there is weight on the sensor pad, it reactivates after 30 seconds.
If you press the hold button and adjust the patient while the patient is still on the sensor pad, then press the hold button again within the 30 second silence period, the system reactivates.

  • When you initially apply weight to a sensor pad, the system automatically begins monitoring and the green monitor status light flashes.
  • The control unit will automatically turn off when the pad connection is removed from the control unit, after pressing the hold button.
  • When eight is reapplied to the sensor pad during an alarm, the alarm silences, the system begins monitoring and the green monitor status indicator flashes.
  • If the battery on the control unit is low, the unit flashes the red low battery status indicator light and beeps.

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