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Probe Covers



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Sku: 31427
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4.00"L X 1.00"W

For hygienic and sanitation needs, Veridian Probe Covers protect and cover almost any thermometer with universal sizing. The Probe Covers are ideal for protecting thermometers while examining areas such as the oral, rectal, and underarm body cavities and are easily disposed of once used or contaminated. The safe, closed-system of the Veridian Probe Covers prevent and protect the spread of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. Ideal for use in any healthcare setting, the Probe Covers are also great to have on hand at home and in any first aid kit in any environment in case needed.

  • Protect and cover any thermometer with universal sizing.
  • Safe, closed-system helps prevent spreading and contamination of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • For thermometer protection while examining the oral, rectal, or underarm body cavities.
  • Ideal for any healthcare or professional setting.

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