Positioning Roll
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Positioning Roll

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Positioning Roll
Reg. $196.00


Sku: 87271
 (2 Reviews)

64.00"L X 14.00"W

The Positioning Roll is a versatile positioning aid that can be used in either a bed or chair. Ideal for patients who lean laterally or require additional positioning, the Positioning Roll provides full body support in both lateral and dorsal positioning. The Positioning Roll's three sections can be folded to fit different body contours and the center roll detaches. The inner vinyl cover wipes clean with disinfectant while the outer cover of the Positioning Roll is machine washable.

  • Great for patients or residents who lean laterally and/or those requiring additional bed or chair positioning.
  • Provides full body support in lateral or dorsal positioning.
  • Three-section is flexible and can be folded to fit body contours.
  • Center roll and cover detaches.
  • Assists in knee abduction.
  • Center roll provides lumbar support.
  • Outer cover is machine washable.
  • Inner vinyl cover wipes clean with liquid disinfectant.

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Chair's perspective

Owen Newman (Bakersfield, CA)
Reviewed on Nov 24, 2011
The other reviewer seemed to cover the in-bed use of the Positioning Roller pretty well so I thought I would focus on the in-chair side of things. First off, I believe that the roll is more suited for a bed, so take my review with a healthy amount salt, if you need this primarily for bed I'd say go for it. Back to the chair...Since the cushions/pillows on the Positioning Roll are so big they end up monopolizing just about any chair. Your best bet is to remove the larger side pillows and just use the pad. The thing is though, once you remove those parts you aren't left with much of anything as far as positioning goes. I tried the Positioning Roll on a couch as well and although it worked better than a chair, it still didn't much in the way of keeping me stable. So in conclusion I'd say stick to using the roll in bed and forget using it in chairs/ your couch.


Great for bed

Edison Colon (Waco, TX)
Reviewed on Nov 18, 2011
As someone with back problems, I need to stay in specific positions when I sleep. Inevitably though I move around around quite a bit over the course of a night. This is why I needed some sort of stabilizer or position sustainer. Big words aside, I decided to give the Position Roller a try. My first impression was that the roll was large and that it would be more of a nuisance than a help to me, boy was I wrong. The size of the Positioning Roll is what kept me stable. Not only that but the roll is just as much a pillow as it is anything else so comfort is not an issue. The three-piece body of the roll allows for various positions to be achieved, so I'm sure just about anyone could find a suitable position with ease. Now I haven't tried the Positioning Roll on a chair, but I do know that in bed it works wonderfully. A great choice as far as body positioners go.