OPTP Pro-Roller Arch
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OPTP Pro-Roller Arch


OPTP Pro-Roller Arch

Reg. $17.95


Sku: 49361
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11.50"W X 5.50"H X 4.75"D

The OPTP Pro-Roller Arch is a unique exercise and rehabilitation tool which works to increase stability and balance while using foam rollers. Ideal for improving posture, enhancing Pilates/Yoga routines, and to simply decrease instability of foam rollers, the OPTP Pro-Roller Arch is the perfect positioning tool to us as a block, cushion, and more.

Placement of the OPTP Pro-Roller Arch across any 6-inch diameter foam roller works to prevent hyperextension of the cervical spine and when multiple OPTP Pro-Roller Arches are placed under a 6-inch foam roller, the center of gravity is raised, making it less stable for a more challenging experience. Also great for use as a spacer or cushion between knees and elbows while exercising, the OPTP Pro-Roller Arch can also be used with half rollers and includes an instruction poster.

  • Enhances exercise routines and rehabilitation efforts.
  • Improves posture and stability while using foam rollers.
  • Works with any 6-inch diameter foam roller or half roller.
  • Can increase instability for enhancement of exercise, Pilates, and Yoga routines.
  • Can also be used as a positioning block or cushion between knees and arms.
  • When places across any 6-inch foam roller, prevents hyperextension of the cervical spine.
  • When multiple Arches are placed under foam roller, raises the center of gravity, making it more unstable.
  • Includes an instructional poster with exercises.

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