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$8.63/20 pack
Reg. $12.79



Sku: 98503
 (9 Reviews)

Uniquely designed and patented by marathon runners, NipGuards are a durable adhesive that works to prevent nipple chafing and abrasion during extended workouts or training without the sticky mess, reapplication of bandages, or staining of clothing. NipGuards use a safe medical adhesive that is applied directly to the base of the nipple and is unaffected by sweat, body hair, or extreme weather conditions for optimum comfort and effectiveness.

Most lotions or petroleum-based jelly products used to treat chafing, dryness, and abrasions are often messy, need to be reapplied regularly, and leave stains on clothing. With NipGaurds you never have to worry about changing out your bandages and are 100% guaranteed to work in the most grueling tests of human endurance while being resistant to perspiration and extreme weather conditions.

Constructed to comfort and protect nipples from pain and injury, NipGaurds feature a hollow center which allows the tip of the nipple to remain protected without having an irritating, unnatural adhesive stuck to the most sensitive part of chest. Each pair of NipGaurds is disposable lasting one workout, marathon, or training session and will not shift, move or lose adhesion until the user decides to remove them. While ideal for use by men as they bear direct nipple to clothing friction during workouts, NipGaurds are also perfect for women who have sensitive nipples, increased perspiration or just want to maintain an absolute level of comfort while exercising.

  • The Individual Runner's Pack contains 10 pairs of NipGuards.
  • Protects and comforts the nipple from chafing, rubbing, and abrasions while exercising.
  • Features a safe medical adhesive that will not shift, move, or fall of during workouts until user decides to remove.
  • Resistant to perspiration, body hair, and extreme weather conditions.
  • A hollow center allows for the most sensitve part of the nipple to be protected without the pressure and adhesion of the NipGaurds.
  • Each disposable pair of NipGaurds is good for one workout, marathon, or sporting event.
  • 100% Gauranteed to work in the most grueling tests of human endurance.
  • Ideal for the use of men due to direct nipple-clothing friction, but great for women with increased nipple sensitivity, chafing or perspiration.

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Product Great, Service & Price Terrible

Christopher (Springfield, IL)
Reviewed on Jul 13, 2015
Would not purchase this product from this company again. I paid twice the going rate for this product and when I questioned it with customer service, I was told that there were 2 prices, $8.49 (price sticker was still on the product) if you buy it in their store and $15.95 if you buy it online. They claim to have free shipping, but when they double the price of the product, nothing is free!!!!! WOULD NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN!!


awesome product

christopher (Wauwatosa, WI)
Reviewed on Oct 22, 2014
Awesome product. I have used this for two marathons, no issue with either one and also two friends have used them, no issues. Whatever the adhesive is that is used, works very well.



Thomas (Wilmette, IL)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Jul 8, 2014
They serve their purpose well. The only problem I've had is that sometimes it can be difficult to peel them off the plastic strip. I've already ruined a couple when the adhesive stayed on the strip and the foam ripped in half.

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