Naturasil for Athletes Foot - 15 mL
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Naturasil for Athletes Foot - 15 mL

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Naturasil for Athletes Foot
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Athlete's Foot Treatment from Naturasil is proven to effectively cure and treat athlete's foot, including onychomycosis and candida without the harsh internal chemicals found in many traditional methods that are used to treat athlete's foot using exclusive plant extracts. Many drug treatments such as Lamisil are very expensive and can cause liver and kidney damage in some patients. We have discovered extracts that combat fungal and bacterial infections without the high cost of doctor prescribed medications.

  • Heals the fungal infection from the outside and a.
  • Absorbs directly into the skin to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.
  • All natural.


Naturasil's Natural for Athlete's Foot Treatment is made from 100% pure plant extracts. The active components are high levels of alpha-terpinene-4-ol, and cineol (both of which are found in the plant extracts cymbopogon citratus, melaleuca alternifolia), and two additional powerful anti-fungal extracts that have been proven to treat athlete's foot and are highly effective in treating athlete's foot.

The topical application of these extracts are lipophilic and absorb into and underneath your skin as soon as they are applied.


To treat athlete's foot wash thoroughly and dry the affected area. Apply product 2-3 times per day until the infection has cleared. Use of sulfur lavender medicated soap will help speed healing process.

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Worked on my athlete's foot

Derek (Phoenix, AZ)
Reviewed on Jun 15, 2012
I have sever athletes foot problems and it has helped to dramatically stop the itch and burn and cure my problem. Thanks so much!!