Magnetic Toilet Cleaner
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Magnetic Toilet Cleaner


Magnetic Toilet Cleaner



Sku: 31476
 (1 Review)

Shipping Weight: 
2.20 oz
4.50"L X 1.00"W X 0.25"H

Keep toilets clean without the use of harsh chemicals or over scrubbing with Magnetic Toilet Cleaners. This two pack of Magnetic Toilet Cleaners keeps toilet surfaces lime-free without the use of chemicals or other cleaners and easily attaches to toilet tanks via durable magnets for a hassle-free installation that lasts for years. Simply toss one in your toilet tank and watch as the Magnetic Toilet Cleaners prevent the formation of particles which coat and stain your tank walls and bowl, reducing build-up and cleaning needs.

  • A safe, effective and scrub-free way to clean your toilet.
  • Keep toilets lime-free without the use of hazardous chemicals.
  • Prevent the formation of particles which coat and stain tank walls and bowl.
  • Maintenance-free, simply toss in and they last for years!

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FAQ Knowledge Base


will the magnetic toilet cleaner harm my septic tank?


This item is recommended for toilet tanks and humidifiers, however we do not foresee any harm being done to a septic tank while using this product.


magnetic toilet cleaners, do you just throw it in the tank with the covering on it or take that off


The covering should be on the magnet when putting it in the tank.

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Hard to believe!

KayLJ (Midwest, US)
Reviewed on Aug 22, 2014
I'm always looking for shortcuts when it comes to cleaning but have to admit I was skeptical about this one. But...IT WORKS! We have hard water with rapid lime build up which means within days and a toilet bowl scrub needed at least one a week. I haven't scrubbed the bowl in a month and it is SPOTLESS. The trick is to start with a perfectly clean bowl. If you already have lime build up, get a pumice stone if necessary and remove it all, otherwise it can't prevent it and will continue to build up on it.