LumbarWear Ladies Short
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LumbarWear Ladies Short

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LumbarWear Ladies Short



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Sku: 46687
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4.20 oz


LumbarWear is a unique garment designed to help strengthen the muscles of the torso. Core strength development is an essential part of modern athletic training programs. LumbarWear employs proprio-receptive training concepts used in occupational and physiotherapy to engage and strengthen core muscle groups.

Proprio-Reception is defined as "the sense of the body in space". Through the use of highly specialized and patented seamless construction, LumbarWear brings the wearer's attention to the torso, with added tension to the lumbar region. Posture adjustments through sensory integration are made as torso muscles are activated for improved balance and core strength development.

LumbarWear is not a girdle nor shape-wear that constricts breathing or confines muscle activity in an attempt to mold the body. Our mission is to help you enjoy your active lifestyle through lumbar wellness, core strength and posture stability.

All sports enthusiasts from golfers, skiers, tennis players, cyclists and equestrians to gardeners and hikers can enjoy the health benefits of LumbarWear to achieve and feel their very best.

  • Core Stability.
  • Sensory Integration.
  • Seamless Support & Comfort.
  • Thermodynamic.
  • Anti microbial.
  • Anti-Odor.
  • Patented Technology.

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You sent the answer to my e-mail "s." What kind of an answer is that???? Please answer my question!

LumbarWear is manufactured using a blend of high quality fibers offering total adaptability, maximum comfort and protection. Its composition = 62% Supima Cotton (Peru) +31% Polyamide +6% Elastane Lycra + 1% X-Static Silver Yarn (patented technology). The different items are different styles so they vary slightly in pricing.

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they're okay

Naomi (Honolulu, HI)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Aug 12, 2012
I do feel support and am more aware of my posture when I am wearing the lumbarwear. However it does ride up and bunches a bit which is annoying.