ivee Flex Version 1.0
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ivee Flex Version 1.0

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ivee Flex Version 1.0


ivee Flex Version 1.0

Reg. $59.99


Sku: 24498
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Shipping Weight: 
1 lb 7 oz
8.25"L X 3.25"W


Meet ivee Flex, your personal bedside assistant. She can tell you the time, date, and temperature; all you need to do is ask. Her built-in FM radio can be turned on by voice, while her 6 calming sleep sounds were designed to scientifically induce a state of relaxation. Able to understand 43 different voice commands, ivee flex will be your friendly, hands-free companion.

With voice control technology you can ask ivee to set an alarm or even turn off the alarm without ever moving from the comfort of your own bed. She even knows the current temperature all the way from the closet. No more small buttons, and no more programming. Just speak, and ivee listens.

Includes: USB AC Adapter, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Manual, and ivee Flex.

  • Features 43 Voice Commands.
  • Digital FM Radio.
  • 6 Sleep Sounds & 6 Alarm Sounds.
  • Timer (10 hr. max).

Voice Commands

Hello iveeListens
TimeTells you the current time
Today's DateTells you today's date
TemperatureTells you the indoor temperature
Alarm(s)Tells you the alarm times
Alarm 1/2Turns on alarm 1/2
Set AlarmAllows you to set alarm 1/2
Set Alarm 1/2Allows you to set alarm 1/2
Alarm SoundAllows you to choose 1 of 6 alarm sounds
Alarm 1/2 SoundAllows you to choose 1 of 6 alarm sounds
Alarm 1/2 ONTurns on alarm 1/2
Turn Off Alarm 1/2Turns off alarm 1/2
Turn Alarm Off, Turn Off the Alarm, Turn the Alarm OffTurns off alarm 1/2
Alarm OffTurns off alarm 1/2
Alarm 1/2 OffTurns off alarm 1/2
Play RadioTurns on the FM radio
Turn Off RadioTurns off the FM radio
Set RadioAllows you to set the FM radio station
Set Radio PresetAllows you to set 1 of 6 FM radio presets
Radio OnTurns on the FM radio
Stop Radioturns off the FM radio when it is playing*
Turn Off The RadioTurns off the FM radio when it is playing*
Radio OffTurns off the FM radio when it is playing*
Sleep Sound OnWill play your sleep sound of choice
Set AlarmAllows you to set alarm 1/2
Set Sleep SoundAllows you to choose 1 of 6 sleep sounds
Timer OnTurns on the timer
Start TimerTurns on the timer
Turn Off TimerTurns off the timer
Stop TimerTurns off the timer
Set TimerAllows you to set the timer
Set Timer SoundAllows you to set the timer sound
Night LightTurns the night light on/off
SettingsAllows you to change her system settings
HelpOffers a help menu

*You are not able to speak over the radio when it is playing. You must tap the Snooze / IVR button to activate listening first.

When the alarm sounds, you may say the following commands during the pauses in the sounds.

SnoozeSnoozes 9 minutes
Turn off the AlarmTurns off the Alarm
Turn off AlarmTurns off the Alarm
Alarm OffTurns off the Alarm

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