Hot Water Bottle
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Hot Water Bottle


Hot Water Bottle

Reg. $12.99



Sku: 54524
 (28 Reviews)

Shipping Weight: 
13.00 oz
13.00"L X 7.50"W

Stay warm and cozy all year long with the Hot Water Bottle. Made with natural and durable rubber latex, the Hot Water Bottle conforms to the contours of your body while the ribbed outer surface helps keep the contents hot. The bottle is 7.5 inches wide and 13 inches long and can hold up to two quarts of water. The Hot Water Bottle has a strong plastic cap with a small handle that twists easily, securing the bottle and preventing water from leaking out. The bottle is perfect for heat therapy on sore, tense muscles and can also be filled with cold water and used as an ice pack.

  • Durable rubber latex helps retain desired temperature.
  • Can be used for heat therapy or as an ice pack.
  • Strong plastic cap prevents leaks.
  • Holds up to 2 quarts of water.
  • Lifetime limited warranty.

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Customer Questions

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Is it ribbed on one side or both sides?

Yes, it is on both sides.

Can very hot water go in it or just warm (tap water)?

This is designed to be used with warm tap water.

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Does an adiquate job.

Susan (Pensacola, FL)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Nov 30, 2015
Only real complaint is the size of the opening. Such a small mouth makes filling messy even with a funnel. Slight smell lasts only a short time. The bottle holds heat well and the ribbed sides do keep it from falling off the end of the bed during the night. This product would not be my first choice but is perfectly adequate for my needs.


Very Good Over Long-Term Use

John (Clarkston, MI)
Reviewed on Dec 30, 2014
Over long-term use, this has been an excellent hot water bottle. The initial stickiness and strong smell of the rubber (see review on Sep 24, 2012) disappeared quickly after a few months of use. My newly-ordered hot water bottles have very little rubber smell at all thanks to a newer rubber formulation. Also, durability is very good. The hot water bottle from my original order lasted for nearly 2 years before developing a tiny leak on the edge. It was filled nearly every day with very hot water.


Look elsewhere . . .

David (Portland, OR)
Reviewed on Nov 25, 2014
This bottle unfortunately has deep ridges on both sides, so there's really not much heat transfer, as there would be with smooth sides. No matter how hot the water you put in this bottle, you get only a "lukewarm water bottle" next to your skin.

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