Grind Guard w/ Storage Case
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Grind Guard w/ Storage Case

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Grind Guard w/ Storage Case



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Sku: 67312
 (5 Reviews)

Shipping Weight: 
3.40 oz
3.00"W X 1.25"H

The Grind Guard has been clinically proven to be as effective as a lab-produced acrylic splint for for the relief of symptoms associated with the night time grinding of teeth and jaw clenching. Grind Guard w/ Storage Case includes one thermoformed dental tray that will fit to your tell after just 10 second in warm water.

  • Includes one thermoformed dental tray.
  • Attractive 3" diameter cosmetic case with mirror.
  • Fits to your teeth in just 10 seconds in warm water.
  • Front fitting tab for easy forming in hot water.
  • Latex and silicone free.

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i know there are some mouth guards you can wear while you eat. Can you do that with this one?

This item is typically worn at night. It is used primarily for bruxism (teeth grinding).

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the best product that works for me in the market

Lizzy (Coppell, TX)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Oct 5, 2012
I love this mouth guard since I feel protected when I sleep at night. it needs to be change every 4 to 6 months since the support wears out. other than that it is perfect.


Very Happy with my Purchase of Grind Guard in Case

Jeff (Perth, WA)
Reviewed on Jun 12, 2012
Just wanted to let you know your grind guard is a bloody good product. I have ordered several different types and this is the first one which is actually comfortable and doesn't leave horrible taste in mouth. It's also the only one which showed me how to mould (Without biting down) which produces a much nicer mould of upper teeth. The other guards ended up looking like something out of a horror movie. I'm in Perth Australia (population of about 2 million) and could you believe not one chemist here sells teeth grinding guards. They only have sports guards with no way can you wear all night during your sleep. Can't believe it took me so long to find a decent provider of something which looks relatively easy to produce. Your packaging was perfect, the instructions and contact details are perfect, the carry case is perfect and I like the added touch of throwing in a breath freshener mint. The ones available here from dentists cost a fortune and are crap. All the online ones I've tried are crap also until i got yours. Cheers, Much appreciated, my teeth grinding was literally driving my partner crazy and until now wasn't sure i would be able to overcome. I was ripping out all the other guards during the night as they hurt my teeth. This is the first one I leave in all night.


Low in Price but High Quality!!

Mark Duffy (Tulsa, OK)
Reviewed on May 26, 2011
In this case the low price doesn't mean low quality! I have been purchasing this product for awhile now and haven't had any complaints.

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