Flexible Ice Blanket
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Flexible Ice Blanket


5.5" X 5.75"
16.5" X 23"

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Sku: 54589
 (4 Reviews)

Shipping Weight: 
46 lbs 14 oz
408.00"L X 16.50"W

The Flexible Ice Blanket is a handy and effective way to reduce swelling and discomfort at the drop of the hat. Store the blanket in a freezer to solidify the nontoxic gel cells in each pack, cut off the amount you need and apply to the wound. The Flexible Ice Blanket is designed to wrap around any shape comfortably for 360 degrees of coverage.

  • Blanket can be cut down to desired size.
  • Design allows for flexibility for wrapping around various shapes and sizes.
  • Individual packs contain nontoxic cells.

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Thank You So Much!

Linda (Thousand palms, CA)
Reviewed on Jul 30, 2014
The ones I received work for me while I am in the lay down position GREAT The smaller 8x9s work great for traveling in car to Drs. Office. It lasts long enough to get me there and back. My pain level even with Meds is about 7, the ice packs bring me down to a 5. Needless to say I'am on ice 24-7 which means I even sleep on Ice. I know there is a joke in there but I won't say it. Your product has been a life saver for me.


Flexible Ice Blanket

Hermelinda (San francisco, CA)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Jan 24, 2013
Very efective in the relif of back pain, and flexible enough to wrap on an arm or leg joint.


Love the cryopak ice blankets

Dawn (Alexandria, VA)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Dec 25, 2012
Have had the product for years, this was my first reorder. I now have 3 sizes of ice sheets to suit my needs. use it primarily for post-op care of foot operations. love the ability to custom-cut the sheets to fit my foot so they wrap completely around or cover the exact spots that need ice. stays cold up to 3 hours for larger sheet, 2 hours for 5*5 sheets. best part is if they break it is only clear water..not containing harmful dyes.

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