Fatal Funnel
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Fatal Funnel


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Some assembly required

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Eliminate stinging wasps, hornets and yellow jackets without chemicals, poisons or pesticides. Simply insert a Fatal Funnel into the side of an ordinary 2 liter bottle (not included) filled with fruit juice attractant (recipe included) and place or hang trap where these dangerous pests appear. Great for the deck, patio, barn or any outdoor area.

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Great Solution

Alan (Ham lake, MN)
Reviewed on Sep 17, 2015
Hornets were swarming our humming bird feeders and driving off the birds. We setup one soda bottle as directed, putting an inch or so of the humming bird nectar in the bottom and placed it near the feeders. The first day netted about 2 dozen insects, and the second day trapped about as many. On the second day, I had the opportunity to watch the activity for about a half hour. Of the hornets I saw enter the trap in that time period, two individuals managed to exit after a brief stay. It is a good thing that hornet intelligence isn't equally distributed. The humming birds are eating again and all we are pleased with the results.


A good trap.

James (Stanwood, WA)
Reviewed on Aug 17, 2015
Works well. Works best after the first few wasps or hornets or flies are entrapped, adding to the scent. Remove funnels to clean the container with a brush. In hot weather 75 degrees F plus, exchange baits about every 20 days; longer if the weather is cooler. Place center of funnels about 5 inches from the bottom of the two liter bottle and use two per bottle plus 6 -10 holes just small enough that hornets or wasps cannot squeeze through to escape. Placed somewhere just a few feet above ground level seems to work best as the scent rises. Dissolve sugar in warm water prior to filling containers. Jim in Washington state


Fatal funnel works

Ellen (Lexington, VA)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Jul 30, 2012
We put the fatal funnel on our deck because we were being tormented by yellowjackets living under the clapboards of the house. We had tried spraying numerous times but were unsuccessful at getting rid of them. Once the funnel was in place, there were a number of them inside of the container. We did have to move it because some animal got into it and tore it apart, probably a raccoon or a possum. We had to hang it higher and that might not be as good as when we had it near their opening. We are watching now to see if it is still effective.

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