Drink Aide Water Bottle
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Drink Aide Water Bottle


Drink Aide Water Bottle


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15.40 oz


Drink Aide was designed by the residents and staff of Inglis House. Inglis House is a long-term care facility that's home for nearly 300 adults with physical disabilities in Philadelphia, PA. Inglis House residents helped develop Drink Aide and benefit from using it, and they have become entrepreneurs through the production of this revolutionary water bottle. Drink Aide is assembled, packaged, tested and distributed by Inglis House residents who work in the vocational rehabilitation program.

The Drink Aide Water Bottle is a water bottle that attaches easily to a wheelchair for use by persons with little or no upper body movement. It also can be attached to bedrails, walkers and chairs and can function in a variety of settings. It was designed, tested and produced by people with physical disabilities at Inglis House in Philadelphia, PA. Perhaps the greatest benefit of Drink-Aide is the freedom for a person with a disability to travel beyond a room or a building, and the freedom to socialize outside, especially during the summer.

  • Frees caregiver to attend to other needs.
  • Users no longer have to wait for a caregiver to quench their thirst.
  • May reduce the frequency of hospitalization due to urinary tract infections caused by inadequate hydration.



Water bottle lid, insulating sleeve
White tube within its flexible gray tube holder
White locking nut
Black bottle holder with universal mounting clamp
Packet of bolts, nuts and mounting-option attachments
Two 1" washers


Straw length is 20" long
28 ounces
Dishwasher safe (top shelf)


Submerge the tube and its gray flexible holder in warm, soapy water.
Soak the inside of the tube with a cleansing agent: leave it submerged for a reasonable period of time.

Then, let it soak again in clean rinse water. After soaking, hang the tube to air dry.

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Replacement Part
$5.36/ each

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Customer Questions

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How can I obtain specs for the drink aide water bottle? 1) How long is the straw? 2) Does it connect to a vertical W/C bar? Or just horizontal? 3) What diameter of the W/C bar will it attach to?

1 - the straw is 20" long 2 & 3 - The black bottle holder must always be positioned vertically, whether it is mounted on a wheelchair, bedrail, chair, walker or intravenous pole. The vertical black bottle holder, therefore, will always ensure that the bottle, when filled with fluid, will be vertical also. The universal mounting clamp can be mounted around tubing or on a flat surface. The tubing diameter can be 7/8'' to 1-1/2''; the tubing may be vertical or horizontal. The flat surface must be vertical and will require at least 1'' x 3'' of area.

How do you wash the straw/mechanism that attaches to cup?

You should submerge the tube and its gray flexible holder in warm, soapy water. Soak the inside of the tube with a cleansing agent: leave it submerged for a reasonable period of time. Then, let it soak again in clean rinse water. After soaking, hang the tube to air dry.

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Lives independently

MIKE (Port Wentworth, GA)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Dec 19, 2012
I would get so thirsty at night, there was never a nurse around. I used to have nightmares about water and wake up to find there was no one to help me get a drink. Now that I have Drink Aide I don't have that dream


Water Bottle

Sharon (Cincinnati, OH)
Reviewed on Oct 1, 2012
Now when we have a suggestion that she hesitates over, we can remind her of the Drink-Aide, and maybe, just maybe, if she'll just try she'll be surprised and find that it too will also make her life a little better. You have no idea. If I could come right up there and hug your necks, I would. Thank you.


Drink Aide Water Bottle

Julia (Browns Mills, NJ)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Aug 29, 2012
I ordered the Drink-Aide two weeks ago for my mom in California. Lynne kindly spent time talking with me on the phone about your product and letting me ask questions. My mom, almost 3 years post accident that left her an incomplete C-5 quad has been very reluctant to try anything new. Suggestions for something as simple as this drink cup have been met with resistance.

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