DermaKlenz - 8 oz
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Sku: 66704
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9.95 oz

DermaKlenz Wound Cleanser is a non-irritating, pH balanced formulation which contains no detergents or harsh chemicals and requires no rinsing. Equipped with an adjustable spray nozzle, DermaKlenz creates a direct stream or gentle mist with an appropriate psi to facilitate the removal of organic material, slough, blood clots, dead tissue, and other wound debris with causing further damage or disrupting the wound bed.

  • Non-irritating, pH balanced formulation.
  • Adjustable spray bottle creates a direct stream or a gentle mist.
  • Formulated with zinc to promote healing.
  • Contains no harsh chemicals or detergents.
  • Requires no rinsing.
  • Appropriate psi facilitates removal of organic material, slough, blood clots, dead tissue, and other debris.
  • Will not cause further damage to wound site or disrupt wound bed.
  • 8 Ounce spray bottle.

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