Clic Expandable Reader Glasses
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Clic Expandable Reader Glasses


BLACK - 1.25

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Sku: 25649
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2.10 oz

These NEW readers are for people with both regular and REALLY BIG HEADS, incorporating features from other designs with an important new innovation, the EXPANDABLE HEADBAND. CliC Original and Classic are adjustable enough to fit most men and women comfortably. But VERY RARELY we have had people whose head just did not fit the shape of the regular CliC headband. These glasses are for those people. OK, these new CliC XXL will still fit almost everybody comfortably, even those with regular size heads. But now they adjust not just longer but also just a little bit wider for those who need some extra room. They use the same contemporary rectangular lenses as the original readers. They use the slightly wider flared metal arms of the Classic readers. The length is adjustable, of course, like all CliCs. Then, in the very back, in the center of the head band, there is a NEW expandable section that allows you to adjust the width as well.

They measure 140mm at the lenses, then flare to an overall width of 150 mm at the temple. The length is adjustable from 210 to 230 mm. The head and neck band can be expanded wider by 20 mm in the back. When you're not using them, they simply hang around your neck until you need them. You won't lose them, or sit on them. CliC readers have a unique and patented neodymium magnet front connection system, connected to an adjustable form fitting head and neck band, rather than to a cumbersome chain tangle.

To put on the CliC readers, simply place the band around the head, and the magnetic front connection will guide the lenses closed to rest on the nose. To remove, simply separate the eye pieces and allow the CliC readers to hang around the neck. Finally, reading glasses that are hard to misplace.

  • CliC Patented Front Connection Technology.
  • Nylon Frames.
  • Polycarbonate Lenses.
  • Optical Quality.
  • Virtually Unbreakable.
  • Never misplace your readers again.
  • Adjustable Headband (one size fits most).

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Can I use my CLIC glasses with an implanted defibrillator (ICD?) The device should avoid magnetic field influences.

If your device should avoid magnetic field influences, you would not want to use it with this item. ClIC readers have a unique and patented neodymium magnet front connection.

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