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China Gel


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1 lb 8 oz


China Gel is a natural, greaseless therapeutic gel that incorporates modern technology with the ancient pain-relieving concepts of Chinese medicine. The unique, natural herbal formula stimulates the body's natural endorphin response to pain, easing aches and injuries.

Most topical analgesics contain only one or two pain relieving substances. China Gel contains five substances reported to decrease pain. Unlike most topical preparations which have a harsh medicinal odor, China Gel has a pleasant lavender fragrance on application that eventually becomes odorless as the gel dries.

The analgesic action of the ingredients in China Gel has been confirmed in various herbal literature and scientific research papers. Clinically tested and successfully used in leading chiropractic and acupuncture clinics, China Gel deeply penetrates sore muscles for long-lasting, soothing relief.

  • Topical gel stimulates body's natural endorphin response to pain to relieve sore muscles.
  • 5 natural pain-relieving ingredients.
  • Pleasant lavender scent.
  • Penetrates sore muscles for long-lasting, soothing relief.
  • Relieves pain caused by arthritis, muscle spasms, sports injuries, tendonitis and more.
  • Convenient .25 oz. size easily fits in your gym bag or purse for on-the-go relief.


Adults or children 2 years or older:

Cleanse area - apply liberally over affected area as needed and message into skin until absorbed.

Repeat up to four times a day.


Contains the following natural substances:

Ginseng Extract
Lavender Oil
Aloe Vera Gel
Cinnamomum Camphora
Angelica Extract
Witch Hazel

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