Carebag Commode Liner with Absorbent Pad - Box of 20 Liners
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Carebag Commode Liner with Absorbent Pad - Box of 20 Liners

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Carebag Commode Liner with Absorbent Pad


Carebag Commode Liner with Absorbent Pad


Reg. $19.95


Sku: 77002
 (7 Reviews)

Shipping Weight: 
1 lb 9 oz
20.50"L X 15.70"W


A bedside commode brings convenience to its user but who likes to clean up its soiled commode pail every day? Rest assured, the CareBag® Commode Liner will effectively collect and contain any body fluids going inside the pail and better yet: they will be turned into a gel! This is made possible thanks to the super absorbent pad provided with each bag. When the patient is done performing body functions, the bag is to be sealed using the easy drawstring closure system and disposed of in household waste: Say goodbye to spillage, awful smell and hand cleaning of the pail!

  • Never clean a pail again!
  • Up to 16oz/500 mL of body fluids turn into a gel: no spills & splashes.
  • No more awful smell once liner is sealed.
  • Hospital approved medical grade bag.
  • Fits over most commode pails.
  • Great for home, while traveling, or in health institutions.


  • Pack of 20 bags.
  • Bag: 20.5" x 15.7"
  • Pad: 5.1" x 9.4"
  • Efficiency Absorbs 500 ml of organic liquids or several liters of dematerialized water
  • Single-use product.


Instructions1. Open box and unroll the first liner by tearing along the perforated line.2. Position the liner over the commode pail with the pad laying flat on the bottom.3. After patient uses bedside commode, bodily fluids turn into gel within seconds.4. To close: Pull straps tightly and tie a knot. Dispose of the sealed bag in household waste just like for diapers. DO NOT FLUSH.

Technical Data

Product and Material:

  • Product and material Polyethylene bag equipped with threads. Super-absorbent pad (SAP) made of
    a non woven fluff coupled with copolymers made of sodium acrylate.


  • Absorbs 500 ml of organic liquids or several litres of demineralised water


  • Regular wastes for a regular elimination. For an infected patient, the elimination will follow the
    clinical waste protocol.


  • Compliant with the 93/42/CEE regulation on Class I medical device.
  • This product fits in anti-pollution legislation in terms of incineration risks.
  • The incineration does not release any chlored element or any by-product that might create dioxine.

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Care Bag

Wayne D (Morrison, CO)
Reviewed on Apr 3, 2013
Product is consistently as advertised. Has never leaked. It is a great help over cleaning receptacle every day.


Routine purchase

Carla (West bend, WI)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Jan 3, 2013
We are a large long term health and rehab facility. We use Care Bag Commode liners faithfully. The biggest problem with so many residents is keeping our facility smelling good and these are the ticket. We believe it is worth the investment to insure we are providing the best environment for our clients. Thank you Colonial Medical for such a great product.


it works well

Kevin (Ocean city, NJ)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Jul 16, 2012
These liners work well to contain the smell of the commode. the pad absorbs moisture well.

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