Bunion Regulator
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Bunion Regulator

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Bunion Regulator



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Bunion Regulators relieve pain by alleviating strain that causes crooked big toes and bunion deformities. This anatomically-shaped splint guides the big toe towards its normal position while gently stretching tendons and muscles to help slow progression of the condition. Wear the Bunion Regulator while you rest or sleep for convenient healing. The Bunion Regulator is recommended by doctors for people who want to avoid or postpone surgery.

  • Aligns big toe for maximum comfort.
  • Counteracts the strain that causes pain and deformity.
  • Works while you rest or sleep.
  • Doctor-recommended for patients who don't want bunion surgery.

Size Chart

Men's Shoe Size
Women's Shoe Size
Small 5 5 - 8
Medium 6 - 8 9 - 11
Large 9 - 13 12 - 14


Separate Nighttime Bunion Regulator's hook-and-loop band from itself and remove the free end. (Leave sewn loop on bottom splint arm, which goes under foot.) Insert big toe between leather-covered cushion and other cushion at the concave part of splint. Be sure leather-covered cushion covers bunion joint. Lead hook-and-loop band around outside of foot and through slot on top splint arm. Adjust tension by pulling band so big toe moves slightly. Fold hook-and-loop band onto itself. Press together to secure. Limit initial usage periods to 30 minutes each. Gradually wear splint for longer durations and increase band tension as comfort level improves. Results will vary based on the severity and nature of the condition. Wearing the splint regularly can reduce discomfort and pain while possibly slowing the progression of bunion deformity. Note: This splint is designed for use while resting or sleeping only. Do not use while standing or walking. If desired, a sock may be worn over the splint while sleeping to reduce interference with bedding. Do not wear this splint with shoes.

Hand wash in warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. Press flat in a clean towel to remove excess moisture then air dry completely, away from direct heat and sunlight, before reuse.

If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult your physician before using this product. Non-sterile. Do not use this item on broken skin. If this product causes skin discoloration, numbness, irritation or pain, discontinue use immediately.

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I am a woman wearing a size 8-1/2 shoe. What size brace should I buy?

Size Medium would be the correct size for you to purchase.

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did not work for me

Maria (Salida, CO)
Reviewed on Oct 23, 2015
I wore this bunion regulator on & off for several mos. when I went to bed & ended having surgery, did not help me.



STACY (Jersey city, NJ)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Aug 20, 2013
They are comfortable. They do help stretch my big toe muscles while I am walking around my house with socks over my feet. However, they do not correct the bunions. I do not recommend you to wear them with shoes because your feet are still use to sitting a certain way in them and this defeats the purpose. Try what I do; wear them under socks and stretch the muscles in your foot or wear them with flip flops.


Bunion Regulator

Brian (Owens cross roads, AL)
Reviewed on Mar 7, 2013
Does the job as advertised. I have used other similar products that did not work well or were uncomfortable or even waking me up with pain after a few hours. Good product

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