Bra Baby
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Bra Baby

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Bra Baby


Bra Baby
Bra Baby

Reg. $19.99


Sku: 66932
 (2 Reviews)

Shipping Weight: 
13.60 oz
5.75"L X 5.75"W X 6.75"H


BraBaby is the revolutionary new washing system that protects your finest intimate apparel from the wear and tear of the washing machine. With its unique flow-through design, the BraBaby allows water to gently clean your delicates while it protects them from the agitator and from the weight of other clothes in the spin cycle. BraBaby is dryer safe, so you can baby your bras right from the washer to the dryer.

  • Keeps underwires from popping out.
  • Keeps hooks from bending.
  • Bras last longer and look better.
  • No more handwashing!
  • Includes two in every box.
  • Fits cup sizes AA, A, B, C and some D cup bras.


Simply hook the bra straps together and place each cup around the ends of the inner eggshell. Tuck the straps inside the shell and snap the outer shell around the bra. Your bra will be protected from the agitator and from the weight of the other clothes in the spin cycle. Keep your expensive padded bras in perfect shape with the BraBaby.

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Great money maker

Katie (Minnesota, MN)
Reviewed on Jan 19, 2013
It would be a great money maker if you could make and sell the Bra Baby for bras from full sized women. Your current Bra Baby is just not big enough for a DD size bra. So they have to try to stuff their bra into the smaller diamention Bra Baby which causes the bra not to clean fully. If you do find this to be a good idea and invest into making a bigger Bra Baby, please contact me cause I would love to purchase it!


Bra Baby

Sandra (Saint Charles, IL)
Verified Member
Reviewed on Sep 15, 2012
I have only had a chance to use this item once so far and it has worked out well, no damaged to my bras.