Animal Chaser
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Animal Chaser

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Animal Chaser


Animal Chaser
Effective up to 40 feet!

Reg. $29.95


Requires batteries (6 AA Not Included)

Sku: 99316
 (1 Review)

Shipping Weight: 
5.70 oz
5.40"L X 3.25"W X 2.00"H

The Animal Chaser keeps unwelcome guests from your property. When an animal enters the large area covered by the infrared sensor, the Animal Chaser produces a sound that is very unpleasant to cats, dogs, and even raccoons, but is inaudible to the human ear. The unit switches off automatically when the animal has left the area to extend battery life.

  • The perfect, humane solution to the property damage roaming critters can cause.
  • Low-profile unit mounts anywhere in minutes.
  • Effective radius of up to 22 feet.
  • Safely repels cats, dogs, raccoons and more.
  • Inaudible to humans.
  • Turns off automatically once nuisance animal has left area.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Mounting hardware included.

Recommended Accessories

AA Energizer Batteries AA Energizer Batteries
Power Supply

* Required to Operate

We recommend buying 6
$0.37/ each

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Customer Questions

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What about groundhogs under a shed?

This should work with groundhogs and rabbits, as well as cats, dogs, and racoons.

My neighbor has two dogs. Will the sound that is emitted bother them in their yard?

Possibly as the effective radius is up to 22 feet.

Does it work with rabbits?

This should work with rabbits, as well as cats, dogs, and racoons.

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No longer a kitty litter!

Claude (Coram, NY)
Reviewed on Oct 28, 2012
Two animal chasers were purchased back in April of this year. So, six months later, I can report that the front of my home is on longer being used as a kitty litter! I purchased two devices, and mounted them on short, treated wood posts, with one at each front corner of my house aiming towards the center. At first, I could see the paw prints, but no more "gifts". Then, after a few months, no more prints either! The neighborhood cats dislike the hi-frequency sound, so they start to get the idea and look for other venues to frequent. Anyway, the best thing about these units is that they are truly a humane way to handle an otherwise bothersome problem. I would highly recommend this product! CRC, Long Island, NY