Adjustable A/C Docking Station
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Adjustable A/C Docking Station

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Adjustable A/C Docking Station


Adjustable A/C Docking Station



Sku: 48020
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The AutoChill System is designed for use with the Aircast Cryo/Cuff to automatically cycle the water between the cooler and cuff, eliminating the need for manual recycling. During AutoChill operation, the electronic pump automatically cycles compressing the air in the cooler to force chilled water into the cuff. This repetitive cycling maintains continuous cold and applies soothing pulsating pressure.

The System includes a wall adapter, air tube assembly, and an air pump secured to an adjustable docking station. When hung from a bed rail, the docking station acts as a holder for the Cryo/Cuff Cooler keeping all the components together and simplifying application. In addition, the adjustability of the docking station makes it easy to correctly position the cooler in relation to the cuff for optimum cryotherapy treatment (the base of the cooler should be even with the bottom of the cuff).The AutoChill System 20CA does not include a Cryo/Cuff Cooler. When the AutoChill system is used with the Ankle Cryo/Cuff, Foot Cryo/Cuff, or Hand and Wrist Cryo/Cuff, it should only be used in a medical facility or clinical environment with direct healthcare provider supervision.

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